Frequently Asked Questions

How do Rollcallz features compare with other products that I already use?

Rollcallz is focused on helping you offer quality instruction and improve your customer retention. Rollcallz also helps you optimize your payroll to maximize your business margin. Through Rollcallz, all online and in-person class activities are seamlessly automated and merged into one platform, allowing for you to easily collaborate with your staff and improve your customer satisfaction.

Is Rollcallz a texting platform?

Along with automated notifications that alert up to two parent/guardians about student arrival or departure, Rollcallz offers a plethora of tools to efficiently run your center, including:

  • Tracking online Zoom attendance
  • Documenting staff payroll
  • Recording staff notes on in-class student activity
  • Planning a student-specific advisory for staff to implement during class
  • and much more!

Do I need to get a separate phone number for my Center?

No. Rollcallz uses a dedicated number for texting and WhatsApp service. Your Center does not need a separate phone number. Your messages will be sent from the Rollcallz number with your business name as the Sender.

Can I send text messages to one or few parents at once?

Yes. Rollcallz has a Broadcast option where you can select one or more students and send messages to their configured phone numbers. The message log shows all the previously sent messages. You can copy/paste to resend any past message as many times.

I use Remind/Google Voice, why do I need Rollcallz?

If you are already using Google Voice or the Remind app to text your customers, you can continue to use those platforms along with Rollcallz. Rollcallz sends instantaneous system-generated text and/or Whatsapp messages to notify parents of student activity. Rollcallz can also be used to directly text parents and eliminates the need to have a separate phone number for texting from your center. And as mentioned above, Rollcallz has numerous features beyond that of a simple texting platform.

Do you support two-way texting from Rollcallz?

Yes. When parents reply to a Rollcallz text message, their reply will show up in a pop-up window the next time you login to your Rollcallz account. At the time the message is sent, it will also be forwarded to your email. As the instructor, you can reply to the parent either through a text message via Rollcallz or through an email.

Can I send multimedia files such as PDF, pictures, videos through Rollcallz?

You can send the URL link for YouTube videos or other multimedia files in a text message. This allows you to update or resend the link quickly and repeatedly at any time. At this time, multimedia files cannot be attached to text messages.

I have two Centers, how does Rollcallz work for me?

Rollcallz accounts are individualized, with each registered Rollcallz account being associated with the unique email address and phone number of the business owner. You can easily set up two accounts with Rollcallz, with one for each center. The individual center accounts will isolate students, staff, and the Zoom host account so that the centers can be handled separately.

Can I send group emails to my parents?

Please note that any service that sends emails on your behalf from your email account will require access to your email and password. However, Rollcallz will not require you sharing your email password with us. Any email from Rollcallz will go out from the Rollcallz account.

Can I track potential customers before they register once they call in for a placement test?

Rollcallz is an operational platform designed to efficiently run your class sessions both online and in-person. Activities such as emailing potential customers or confirming placement tests, as well as miscellaneous messages such as sending birthday messages to students are activities best accomplished by CRM products such as SalesForce.