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How does Rollcallz help school/center?

As an independent school or an after-school academic enrichment franchisee like Kumon or Mathnasium, your primary goal is to expand your school to serve a larger number of students while also providing the best academic instruction necessary to promote student retention. The demand on your time, effort, good collaboration with your staff, and effective engagement with clients grows as you serve a large number of students both in person and online. The amount of time spent on spreadsheets to schedule students, the number of shared Google documents to track staff and student activities, and the number of emails overlooked or ignored is staggering.

Rollcallz is designed to help you automate the repeated activities and get back to you the most needed time to focus on growing your school. If you are still tracking your employee hours with sign up sheets or google documents you should see how Rollcallz makes it so easy to track that data.

Well, payroll is one of many things that Rollcallz helps to automate. Class attendance, instant two-way text communication with your clients, absentee tracking, sharing student lesson plan with staff so it is available just in time when they work with a student and much more. Register your business/center to get started and experience the benefits for you, your clients and employees right away.

Have questions? Reach out in our live chat. One of our friendly support staff will help you with answers instantly.

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