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Security and Privacy in Rollcallz

Every day, Rollcallz is committed to maintaining comprehensive security at all levels of the web application, front desk device, eDevice and the entire eco system that interacts with Google, Zoom, Twilio, PayPal and other third parties where needed. This blog highlights some of the built-in security aspects of Rollcallz, specifically the different measures incorporated into the Rollcallz platform.

Platform Security

Earlier in the development process, Rollcallz team worked closely with the Zoom team to publish Rollcallz in the Zoom marketplace. As part of the acceptance criteria, Rollcallz went through a rigorous security review as explained by Zoom.

As a result, all the touchpoints of Rollcallz such as data over the wire (secure transport), data at rest (encrypted storage) and sensitive API endpoints are secured. All our contact input forms are secured with Google reCAPTCHA to ensure human only interaction. These security mechanisms are industry standard and used by many companies.

Sensitive data security

Rollcallz does NOT store any payment related information. All the subscription data are served and stored out of PayPal. Rollcallz customers directly interact with PayPal to subscribe and use Rollcallz service. More information on PayPal security is available here.

Data Privacy

Do you know Parents can enroll themselves into Rollcallz and can DELETE all their data when they decide to leave the school? School instructors can also add or delete a student data. However, parents own the data of their student. Our privacy policy empowers parents to add, modify and delete their data independent of the school and the instructor.

Managing compliance and risk

As of December 2021, we do not use any cookies in the Rollcallz application. We take all measures to keep our data secure in the digital cloud run by Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean providers. We follow the security guidelines as established by the CCPA California and GDPR requirements.

If you have any question related to security and privacy at Rollcallz, please reach out to us at

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