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Use your business landline phone to text your clients

We are very excited to launch the Rollcallz HQ - an Instructor App to send and receive text messages from your Center number.

Rollcallz HQ app for business owners and administrators. and the Messaging Center page are launched and available to the subscribers. Subscribers can download the app for free from the App store.

Here are some highlights.

  • No need to share personal the mobile number with anyone or buy a different number for texting.

  • Business owners can keep their voice line with carriers like Momentum (or whoever) and use Rollcallz only for texting from your phone or computer.

  • Text messages are grouped by students, staff, and multiple Ed Centers can be handled from the same mobile App.

  • Texting messages to clients can be delegated to the Chief Assistants during the business hours without sharing the mobile phone.

Like to know more?! Please reach out to

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