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An easy-to-use platform to instantly notify parents on student arrival and departure, broadcast and receive text without sharing your private phone.


Schedule and track student attendance, track payroll hours, manage your library, and much more!

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Simplify, Streamline, Succeed

How Rollcallz works

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Quick Onboarding

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Parent Notifications

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Attendance Tracking

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Detailed Reporting

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Staff Collaboration

Parents SELF-REGISTER students

Parents self-register students once on Rollcallz from the invitation link sent from the school. They are now ready to get notifications, attendance logs, activity logs, and more. That's it!


Staff TRACK ATTENDANCE in hybrid classrooms

Administrators assign barcodes for students and staff in the center. A patent pending scanner adapter pulls attendance and length of stay into the Rollcallz platform, along with attendance from virtual zoom classrooms automatically.


As students join and leave the zoom or the in-person classrooms, Rollcallz platform sends notification to parents via text or Whatsapp. In addition, their student's activity and progress in class is easily shared with the parents.This gives them access to all the information they need right at their fingertips.

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Efficient PAYROLL tracking

Instructors time is automatically tracked by the platform and is easily available to integrate with any payroll system. Administrators and Instructors have accurate time tracking, that can be edited and reviewed before submission.

Reporting and communication FOR ALL

Parents have access to the activity reports, along with text attendance and other notifications. Administrators have access to attendance reports, absentee reports, staff time tracking reports and more...

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Client Testimonials

"My staff and parents are more engaged"

"Rollcallz has given peace of mind for me by keeping the parents informed of the student arrival/departure. Ability to share the student activities in the class and update progress instantly with the parents has increased the parent involvement and helps with student retention. Tracking staff payroll has become automatic and one less task for me"

Latha, Kumon Framingham MA

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About Us

We built Rollcallz based on our own experience from running an academic enrichment center for many years. In the confusion of hybrid mode and virtual classes, using Rollcallz ourselves and building on your feedback guide us to beat the everyday challenges and build value for all our customers.

+1 833 222 2216

About Us
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