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Cut the chaos with Rollcallz Scheduler

When after-school enrichment classes are not scheduled, many students often come at the same time, causing a rush, and it can be overwhelming for teachers and staff. This can also give families a chaotic impression.

To tackle this issue, instructors have come up with solutions, like creating a schedule spreadsheet for students. However, there are several challenges:

  1. Managing schedules for hundreds of students.

  2. Ensuring parents stick to the schedule.

  3. Tracking the current availability on any day at the finger tips.

Due to these challenges, some instructors abandon scheduling altogether and accept the chaos, hindering growth. But now, there's a better solution available!

Introducing Rollcallz Scheduler

So, how does Rollcallz Scheduler simplify scheduling and help maintain it at the center?

Setting up your class schedule is effortless. You just pick the days you're open, your center's hours, and invite parents to schedule. You don't need to schedule for all your students. Parents can access their Rollcallz account and pick times on your center's calendar. When parents select times, instructors receive an email with the student's schedule.

Rollcallz automatically organizes the center schedule by time, something many instructors try to do with spreadsheets. If you prefer a printed schedule sheet, you can still download it easily.

When a student arrives, Rollcallz checks their arrival time against their schedule and sends a text message to parents (to two phones). This reminds parents to be on time, and most will adjust their arrival accordingly.

You have a few options at check-in time. In a rare occassion, you can choose not to check in a student if they arrive late, especially during peak hours.

  1. Turn the day into a pick-up day instead of a class day if parents won't commit to a schedule. This helps avoid overwhelming staff when the class is full.

  2. Make the student wait for a few minutes and then admit them into the class. This works well for maintaining a 2 students to 1 instructor ratio.

The best part of Rollcallz is that it records all late arrivals. At the end of the day, you can gather late arrival records and send a text message to remind and encourage parents to stick to their schedule. This reinforced communication reduces chaos and creates a smoother center experience for everyone.

Rollcallz Scheduler saves a lot of time, handles dual subject enrollments, and involves parents in scheduling time slots at your center. By enforcing policies and communicating effectively, Rollcallz can eliminate chaos and streamline the flow at your center.

Book a time for a demo to see how Rollcallz can help your center.

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