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Rollcallz offers multi-center management!

Updated: Apr 21

Dear Instructors:

Now you can be in one place and manage students at multiple centers! As part of your lesson planning, use "Student Advisory Flag" feature in Rollcallz to alert you when a student checks-in at a center.

Use your chief assistant(s) at each center to follow your instructions from Rollcallz, while keeping a watchful eye on the students in all of the centers.

Use the Instructor mobile app, Rollcallz HQ to send and receive text messages to parents, staff and prospective customers using each center's landline phone number.

You don't need to carry multiple phones.

You don't need to share your personal phone number with your customers or staff.

You don't need to use WhatsApp groups and lose your communication streams.

Rollcallz lets you scale up and streamline your business with ease. Check it out today!!

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