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Mobile App for Instructors!

You no longer have to share your personal mobile phone number with your customers or carry a second "work phone" to text your clients.

Even better, you can use your business landline number to text your customers! Rollcallz handles text messaging on top of your current landline. You can continue to have and use your current phone carrier for voice calls. Only the texting on the landline is handled by Rollcallz.

All notifications such as the check-in, check-out messages, broadcast messages and any one-on-one message go out from your one and only business number.

When you are onboarding with Rollcallz, we will setup your access to the Rollcallz HQ mobile app. All your text messages are organized by students and staff in the app on your mobile phone.

This is very exciting for all the Rollcallz customers. And there is more!!

In addition to the mobile app, the Instructor and the Chief Assistants have access to the texting feature through the web Message Center on your Rollcallz center page. While you are running the class, your chief assistant can interact with any incoming text messages. You don't need to share your mobile phone with your staff for sending text to your clients.

Enable texting on your center phone number to improve the efficiency of your interactions with customers and potential customers. Book a demo to learn more on how Rollcallz can automate and reduce the overhead at your school.

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